Sci-Fi Dark Fantasy Author Finishes his 9th novel, after 25 years!

Sci-Fi Dark Fantasy Author Finishes his 9th novel, after 25 years!

David J Rodger is well known amongst the science fiction and dark fantasy scene. Since 2007 he’s published eight novels and a monster of a role-playing game called Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur. But simmering away in the background for all that time, in fact, since 1989, was one novel he only finished writing last year and has just launched this month: Oakfield.

Here’s what David wrote for #TheCultureHour Blog:

“Oakfield is ultimately a story of redemption. The main character is trying to adjust to the reality of a new body after being killed in action during military conflict. The body is courtesy of top grade medical cover. But physical miracles can’t heal the mind. When his sister inherits a house from their estranged grandfather and invites him to join her there for a week, he treats it as part of his recovery and as a chance to heal the wounds that sit deep within their family. However, once at the house it quickly transpires the grandfather did not die of natural causes. Strange locals dominate the town. There is worship of nefarious gods and there are monsters in the quiet places nearby.

Oakfield Cover
Oakfield by David J Rodger

“The house holds a profound secret. Digging through the clues to discover the truth James and his sister risk tearing down the walls of sanity and reality. The characters must face this horror whilst picking apart the emotional turmoil of their own relationships. It’s a fast and tense read.

“Weirdly, the house has a real world counterpart. Several years ago I was in Cornwall and found myself at a remarkable property, secluded and isolated by rugged landscape from everything and everyone. The property was almost identical to the place I had envisaged as the setting for Oakfield back in 1989.

Oakfield Promo Poster
Oakfield Promo Poster

“Oakfield has both feet planted firmly in the fibrous, tendril riddled soil of H.P.Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos. A form of horror I find appealing because it is both chilling yet can be incredibly subtle. You don’t have to be a fan of the Cthulhu Mythos or even know what it is to enjoy this work; in fact, it is a pleasure to discover it fresh.

“There is hope in Oakfield. It is a story of survival in the face of increasing peril. But there are victims as well as heroes. It is this hope, and the struggle the characters go through that creates the tension of this novel. It’s already been well received by early readers:

“Oakfield is a finely crafted near-future thriller of isolation and cosmic horror in the finest traditions of the Lovecraft Mythos”

– Chris Halliday

“Oakfield. Well done Sir! An excellent read, and another great achievement to add to your growing list. The characters are fully formed, the narrative is very well paced and the story follows a solid course. I very much like the unfolding nature of the mystery, like peeling layers of skin from an onion this really engages the reader. The story does not wear it’s mystery on its sleeve, but keeps the reader guessing.”

– Dr Rob Lowe

“The quaint Cornwall I thought I knew, gone dark and sinister. Loved it!”

– Hagen Landsem

Oakfield is available from the following stores:

In paperback from LULU: or Amazon:

And there for Kindle readers at:


David J Rodger holding Oakfield
David J Rodger holding Oakfield

David J Rodger. Author of 9 novels and creator of Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur RPG. Fast-paced thrillers that crossover into Science Fiction & Dark Fantasy. Excellent reviews. Written non-fiction for magazines such as SFX. Short stories published in UK, US, Canada and Japan.

The Guardian recently linked to his blog in an article about William Gibson and Cyberpunk 30 years on from Neuromancer. The Guardian also favourably reviewed his post-apocalyptic haunting The Black Lake.

His role-playing game Yellow Dawn – The Age of Hastur, has a deal on the table with game publishers Modiphius (Achtung! Cthulhu), under their lisence with Chaosium (Call of Cthulhu). He is currently writing a 3rd edition towards meeting requirements. In January a Hollywood screenwriter approached Rodger to say he thought the concept of Yellow Dawn would make a great movie; they’ve scoped this out and the screenwriter is planning to pen the movie this summer, pitching late 2015.

Rodger lives in Bristol writing from a house on a hill. Find him on the web here:


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